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Mason Chadwick is just a simple man, thrust into the role of alpha of his wolf-pack with the death of his father. With the safety and future of his family at stake, Mason must navigate a world where true evil grows just outside his border.

Sage Mathews lived a life of peace with her coven until a sudden attack destroyed everything and everyone she knew. Fleeing to save her life she must learn to trust herself and others while keeping hidden from the very thing that hunts her.

Join Mason and Sage in a gripping and thrilling supernatural romance that will leave you on the edge of your seat with each page-turn.

Perfect for fans of Dannika Dark

Enter a world of wolves, witches, and the evil that hunts them.

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I had always felt different, my mother had called me special, but it was more than that. Since I was a young girl something inside me could be felt, an energy that with each year grew in power. Yet, magic wasn’t real. Was it? I had asked myself this question throughout my life and never believed I would gain the answer I so longed to have. With my powers growing they quickly became a danger to everyone around me. I felt lost, confused, unaware of just what was ahead.
I had been born into the typical family, at a time where life was simple. That is until, as fate would have it, the world changed, and I quickly learned the beast that hides within us all. As time moved forward my family and I grew into legend and prepared for the battle that was sure to come. When the time arose, I had one mission, ensure the survival of all I held close. Nothing would stand in my way.


Born into good. Hunted by evil.

Destiny can be controlled, can fate?

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