The supernatural world is under an attack, not from a creature they can fight but a virus that turns its victims into bloodthirsty monsters.

Enter Dr. Nicole Bennett, who has been secretly researching a cure, going against the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs knowing it could cost her life. Word spreading of her knowledge brings pack leader Gavin Blackwood to her for help, refusing to allow the virus to kill his family.

Together they’re in a race against time, fighting not only science but magic and their very own government. Will they be able to find a cure before the virus destroys everything they’ve worked to save? Will this be the end of the supernatural world?

Fading Dawn


Imagine what you would do, if you woke up one day and discovered that the world you once knew, no longer existed. All those things you used to see in movies and on television, were now becoming more real than fiction.

Casey Dunbar always had a love for anything horror, especially end of world type stuff. She and her husband would spend countless hours talking about what they would do should the world ever come to an end. Imagine her surprise one fateful morning when she realized the one thing she had always joked about, had now become her new reality.

As Casey struggles to adjust to this new terrifying world, she meets up with fellow survivor, Penny Mitchell. Together the pair would see unbelievable things, make choices that were unfathomable in the world they once knew, all in the name of their survival.

Heart's Storm


What happens when Mother Nature decides to change your annual vacation plans?

Isla Matthews was excited about her trip with her best friend Zoe. Once a year they would meet up at various destinations. Last year, it was Cancun, this year, it was the ski slopes in Colorado.

When a massive blizzard hits the area, shutting down the airports and closing the roads, Isla finds herself stranded and alone just days before Christmas.

So, what's a girl to do?

Enter the hot male who introduced himself only as Tristan. He's persistent and intriguing, all wrapped up in a sexy package. He's an exciting temptation that could turn a boring trip into one with many possibilities.

Isla, not having an interest in a Christmas fling, decides to find other ways to occupy her time which causes her and Tristan to cross paths often. Will Isla be able to avoid temptation? Or will she allow Tristan to keep her warm on those cold winter nights?

Yesterday's Scars


What happens when the thing you hate the most becomes your only means of survival?

Meet Joey Russell, a young woman with one thing on her mind…Vengeance. After the murder of her family, Joey sets forth on a mission to find and destroy those responsible, no matter the cost to her own being. That is until women start to go missing

Working under the radar of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, Joey must learn to work with a mysterious stranger that suddenly appears in her life. Dangerous, sexy, and the one thing she hates the most…a demon. It’s a race against time, will Joey be able to trust the demon, or will he be her downfall?

Half Past Dread


Shadows of a thousand years.
Rise again unseen.
Voices whisper in the trees,
nothing is ever as it seems.

Monsters exist, whether they be real or wholly in our minds. Some of us enjoy the fear of the unknown, the thrill of danger that comes from something we can't understand. Others like to delve into the deepest recesses of the human mind, to discover what lurks beneath an ordinary facade.

Whether you want to be afraid of what lurks in the dark, or to wonder about the evil surrounding you everyday, Half Past Dread has something for everyone. A Liliom Press publication, enjoy 4 chilling stories from our spookiest authors yet!

A.L. Gray
Mandi Konesni
Michelle Savage
J. Truesdell