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Book no.1



He was everything she hated and the one thing she needed.

Meet Joey Russell, a young woman with one thing on her mind…Vengeance. After the murder of her family, Joey sets forth on a mission to find and destroy those responsible, no matter the cost to her own being. That is until women start to go missing. Working under the radar of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, Joey must learn to work with a mysterious stranger that suddenly appears in her life. Dangerous, sexy, and the one thing she hates the most…a demon. It’s a race against time, will Joey be able to trust the demon, or will he be her downfall?


Monsters come in all forms, what would you do to stop them?

The supernatural world is under attack, not from a creature they can fight but from a virus that turns its victims into bloodthirsty monsters. Enter Dr. Nicole Bennett, who has been secretly researching a cure, going against the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs knowing it could cost her life. Word spreading of her knowledge brings pack leader Gavin Blackwood to her for help, refusing to allow the virus to kill his family. Together they’re in a race against time, fighting not only science but magic and their very own government. Will they be able to find a cure before the virus destroys everything they’ve worked to save? Will this be the end of the supernatural world?


A girl without memory. A wolf with a mission. A secret that binds them together.

Confused, injured, and scared. Three things MacKayla Warrick experienced when she woke without a single memory of how she arrived in the small room of a home she had no recognition of. Surrounded by unknown faces, MacKayla sought answers not only to how she got there but to who the strangers were around her. Especially the man they called, Creed. Creed, a mysterious brooding stranger, who seemed to always be by her side. He was dark, dangerous, sexy. As MacKayla fights to get her answers, to understand what brought her to this place, she finds herself pulled toward Creed and the excitement he caused. Haunted by nightmares of a larger threat, MacKayla is determined to uncover the lost memories of her life. But with every step forward someone, or something, push her back. Slowly she begins to realize that the strangers held more secrets than she did. Despite the dangers around her, MacKayla is determined to uncover everything about her past and uncover their secrets. Will her path be filled with joy, or will she uncover an even darker fate?

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