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In a battle of good vs evil, torn between those she loves and a mysterious dangerous stranger, Zoey Green must risk it all to fulfill her destiny.

The prophecy spoke of a child, one that would destroy all evil.

The coven knew there would be an attack, one that threatened everything Phoenix Coven held sacred.

Upon her birth a mighty sacrifice is made to protect her and ensure that she is safe and able to grow in her powers, powers unlike any the world has ever seen before.

Zoey Green would fulfill her birthright. Wouldn’t she?

Plagued by nightmares and magical abilities she did not understand, Zoey found herself thrust into a world of magic, secrets and monsters.

Finding comfort in the arms of a mysterious stranger with his own agenda, Zoey must work to discover who she is, what she is, and who she can trust.

Devour this suspenseful, enemies-to-lovers supernatural romance.


  • Contains adult themes.

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