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Book no.1



A New Beginning never felt so good.

Having just gotten out of a bad relationship, Tori Buchanan just wanted a peacefully happy life. The chance for that life came in an unexpected way. Problem was, it would take her halfway across the globe to Scotland and be far more than she bargained for, and not in a good way. Cian MacLerie was a sexy, mysterious stranger that appeared in Tori's life offering her help. There's something about him that pulls her to him; however, this wasn't the kind of temptation she needed right now. Even if his help is vital. Will Tori succumb to temptation? Or is there more to her new found life that she has yet to uncover?


Being Snowed in has its advantages.

What happens when Mother Nature decides to change your annual vacation plans? Isla Matthews was excited about her trip with her best friend Zoe. Once a year they would meet up at various destinations. Last year, it was Cancun, this year, it was the ski slopes in Colorado. When a massive blizzard hits the area, shutting down the airports and closing the roads, Isla finds herself stranded and alone just days before Christmas. So, what's a girl to do? Enter the hot male who introduced himself only as Tristan. He's persistent and intriguing, all wrapped up in a sexy package. He's an exciting temptation that could turn a boring trip into one with many possibilities. Isla, not having an interest in a Christmas fling, decides to find other ways to occupy her time which causes her and Tristan to cross paths often. Will Isla be able to avoid temptation? Or will she allow Tristan to keep her warm on those cold winter nights?


Sometimes what you need most was right in front of you all along.

Mia Townsend has been in love with Damien Pierce ever since she was a girl. Returning home after being away for several years has her wondering what he will think of her now that she is all grown up. Damien had always thought of Mia as his best friend’s younger sister. The young girl who used to follow them around. But when she comes home for her brother’s wedding, Damien sees that she is no longer the girl he once knew. Will the two find their way to one another, or will the past keep them apart? *PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED in the charity romance anthology, Forever in My Heart. *


What happens in Vegas can change your life forever.

Rachel Prescott thought it would be an easy job. Go to Las Vegas, design the new layout for a casino that was opening soon and be back before she knew it. That was until she woke up in bed next a sexy stranger who claimed he was her husband. Kade Maxwell had it all. Money, good looks. The life every man dreamed of. He was rich, powerful and could get any woman he wanted. Then he found her. The beautiful designer that had fascinated him from the very first word. For the next six weeks, Rachel was his and Kade will do everything in his power to keep her. *PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED in the charity romance anthology, Forever in My Heart. *


Eva Merrick always dreamed of her perfect man. A man who would be there for her through the good times and bad. Someone who could make her laugh and never cry unless tears of joy. Perfection. However, life gave her Carter Montgomery instead– an abusive womanizer. Eva should have left a long time ago, but she didn’t, and now her life hangs in the balance of a single card game. Marco Giodano owns New York City. There isn’t anything in the city he can’t have. When the beautiful Eva Merrick saunters into his v.i.p. poker game there’s only one word that comes to his mind, ‘Mine’. There’s only one thing standing in his way of making a move, her measly boyfriend, who has done nothing but belittle her since they walked through the door. And, now, her boyfriend is about to do something in Marco’s favor. The stakes are high with Marco all-in. Carter may be out of money but he refuses to back down, “Her. You can have her!” Carter’s words are more than an ante. They will seal Eva’s fate because no matter who wins, her life will belong to someone. The only question is, which is the lesser of the two evils…an abusive boyfriend or a man known for his killer looks and take-no-prisoners attitude? With this high-stakes poker game who will come out on top?

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